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Our first annual #HatchBaconWeek is a week long Bacon Event featuring some of our favorite Baconized Hatch plates and cocktails leading up to what might be our favorite holiday, 


Griddled Sweet Potato Pancakes topped with Apple Butter Sauce, Cream Cheese Anglaise, Maple Syrup, and Marscapone. Named after the Hatch Auto Alley GM, The Cinnamon Appleyard Pancakes are available at both locations until Sunday, August 26th 


Created at our original store, the Auto Alley Bagel Sandwich is true to it’s name!


We have partnered with Postmates to deliver you your favorite Hatch items, straight to your door!

Delivering from both locations, Auto Alley & Chisholm Creek, you can now enjoy Early Mood Food almost anywhere in the metro!


Need a little spice in your life? Try our current drink feature: The Maria Maria Bloody Mary, made with Tanteo Jalapeño Tequila!


Named after Pope Benedict XIII, Eggs Benedict is a classic dish dating back to the 18th Century. To commence this grand day, try one of our six different benedits!

To name a few of our favorite twists on the classic, the Tuscan Anne Benedict is made with Toasted Sourdough, Prosciutto Ham, Cream Cheese Hollandaise, Balsanic Glaze, & Roasted tomatoes! Or, go Lox style with our Smoked Salmon Benedict, made with Toasted Sourdough, Cold Smoked Salmon, Honey Boursin, Shallots, Fried Capers, & Cream Cheese Hollandaise!


We love this waffle berry much, and we think you will too!

Belgian Batter, Blueberry Compote Crumbed Streusel, Creme Cheese Anglaise, House-Made Whipped Cream, Fresh Blueberries, and a sprig of Mint! 

Hatch is now featuring the Blueberry Streusel Waffle at both Hatch Auto Alley & Hatch Chisholm Creek until April 9th!


National Burrito Day is Thursday, April 5th and the only way to celebrate is with Hatch's Burro St. Nick! 

3 Eggs, Beer-Braised Pork, Tumblers and Sautéed Peppers & Onions in a Warm Flour Tortilla, Topped With Christmas Sauce & Cotija Cheese... 

Celebrate at both Hatch Auto Alley & Hatch Chisholm Creek from 6am-2pm!


Happy (almost) Easter!

Hatch is egg-cited to have you for Brunch this Sunday!

Use the NoWait app to get in line from up to 25 miles away at both Hatch Chisholm Creek and Hatch Automobile Alley


Talk about a dream come true!

Our house-made Sweet Cream Pancake Batter with a Cinnamon Swirl, topped with Cream Cheese Anglaise and a Cinnamon Drizzle! -YUM! 

The Cinnamon Roll Pancake - Now featuring until Monday, April 2nd at both our Chisholm Creek and Automoible Alley location!